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BP02 8Panel European Standard Foldable Wooden Baby Playpen

  • 8 SIDE PLAYPEN: Provides reliable protection being a guardian angel watching over your children or grandchildren. You can create different shapes with it and the playpen is individually adjustable, optimally fitting into your living space. Thus you always have an eye on your children. Furthermore, it is made of untreated solid pine wood.
  • ALWAYS ON THE SAFE SIDE: The playpen reaches a height of approx. 70.0 cm, making it also suitable for taller children. The feet have a rubber base to prevent scratched floors and a shifting of the playpen. The gate which is approx. 50.0 cm wide and 65.0 cm high allows a comfortable entrance and can be opened and bolted through a clip. To prevent any injuries, all surfaces of the elements of the playpen are free of sharp edges. The dimensions of the elements are approx. (WxH) 90.0 cm x 70.0 cm.
  • · INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY: Unlike other playpens, this one can be locked in different shapes through an innovative pressure mechanism which is installed at the end of the respective elements. Even stronger children are not able to shift the approx. 16 kg play pen. The robust and heavy model is equipped with 1. 5 cm thick bars which are installed at a distance of approx. 6.5 cm.
  • EASY AND TIME-SAVING ASSEMBLY: To attach the playpen you only need a screwdriver to connect the first and last element with two screws (included in delivery). The rest of the playpen comes premounted. Folded up, the playpen with the dimensions of 90. 0 cm x 70. 0 cm x 20. 5 cm is especially compact and therefore suitable for travelling.
  • ENDLESSLY EXTENDABLE: by an additional purchase of more playpens you can extend the circumference at will.
Product Details
SAFETY - made of untreated pine wood - all surfaces of the elements are free of sharp edges to prevent injuries - thick bars: diameter of 1. 5 cm - space between the bars: 6. 5 cm - can be locked in different shapes, cannot be shifted by a child - complies with the German safety standards according to: DIN EN 12227 (Playpens for domestic use) DIN EN 1930 (Child use and care articles - Safety barriers) DIN EN 71 (Safety of toys ) DIN EN-71-1 (Mechanical and physical properties) DIN EN-71-2 (Flammability) DIN EN-71-3 (Migration of certain elements)

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS - every element can be moved in an angle of 270° - you can create any shape desired - robust and heavy model, approx. 16 kg - rubber base pads - gate can be opened and bolted through a secure clip to both sides - almost completely premounted, only a screwdriver needed to connect the first and last element with two screws (included in delivery) - expandable at will by additional purchase of more sets of playpens

DIMENSIONS - total circumference 7. 20 m - height: 70. 0 cm - dimensions of one element approx. 70. 0 cm x 90. 0 cm - dimensions of gate: approx. 50. 0 cm width und 65. 0 cm height - folded playpen: 90. 0 cm x 70. 0 cm x 20. 5 cm

Warning! Choking hazard.